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Understanding QuickCarts

July 2, 2024

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Understanding QuickCarts

Quick Carts are a streamlined e-commerce solution designed to directly sell products without needing a full e-commerce site. Quick Carts provide a simple yet powerful way for smaller sellers to create a focused shopping experience for their customers, integrating seamlessly with various marketing strategies and offering a highly customizable and convenient purchasing process.


Key Features & Use Cases

Product Integration:
Quick Carts allow users to add products from their catalog, but these products aren't shoppable until they're added to a Quick Cart or used in a text-to-buy campaign. This makes Quick Carts essential for making products available for purchase.

Versatile Usage:
Quick Carts are frequently used by individuals and small businesses who sell limited products such as books, courses, or coaching services. They can serve as a mini e-commerce store or a shoppable landing page.

Marketing Integration:
Quick Carts can be linked in various marketing channels. They can be shared through text message campaigns, email marketing (both within and outside the Audience Tap platform), and QR codes at live events. This flexibility allows for broad and targeted reach.

User Experience:
Designed to provide a simple and efficient shopping experience, Quick Carts consolidate products into a single, easy-to-navigate page. This can be particularly useful for themed promotions, such as holiday sales.

Customer Convenience:
Quick Carts utilize the same customer profiles and credit card information as text-to-buy campaigns, allowing for a seamless checkout process with pre-loaded information.

Users can customize Quick Carts with logos, content blocks (including text, images, and embedded videos), and product blocks. They can also set product-specific details like pricing, descriptions, and availability.

Quick Carts are designed to be mobile-friendly, ensuring a smooth shopping experience on phones, which is essential for on-the-go purchases, especially at live events or through QR code scans.

Automations and Campaigns:
Quick Carts can be integrated into automated marketing flows and campaigns. For example, a welcome flow can direct new subscribers to a Quick Cart.

Dynamic Pricing and Inventory:
Users can manage product pricing dynamically within Quick Carts, including sales prices and special offers. Inventory levels can also be displayed to inform customers about stock availability.

Lead Generation:
Pre-access forms can be used to capture customer information (like email addresses) before they access the Quick Cart, which is useful for building email lists and generating leads.

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