Fellow Drops

Fellow sought a more dependable and less labor-intensive approach for their weekly Drops program. They found their solution in AudienceTap.
Conversion Rate


vs Email: 0.07% (industry avg)
vs Traditional SMS: 1% or less (industry avg)
Return on Investment


Earnings per Message Sent


vs Email: $0.13 (industry avg)
vs Traditional SMS: $0.06-$0.52 (industry avg)


Fellow, an e-commerce brand specializing in premium coffee brewing equipment, grappled with the complexities of scaling their weekly Text-to-Buy coffee program. Initially developed in-house in 2020, the program soon became a source of operational strain due to its makeshift backend integration.

The team found themselves overwhelmed with manual tasks, spending evenings exporting orders, and orchestrating a cumbersome order fulfillment process. This not only increased the risk of errors but also diverted valuable resources away from their core business activities.

Their experiment with a subscription model also proved ineffective, suffering from high acquisition costs and low retention. These challenges necessitated a new robust solution to completely manage their Text-to-Buy program.


The partnership marked a critical shift from a labor-intensive, in-house system to a fully automated solution, allowing the team to redirect their focus to higher leverage aspects of their business. This shift from 'build' to 'buy' not only alleviated operational headaches, but also freed up valuable resources and team members to concentrate on growth and innovation.

“The AudienceTap team goes above and beyond with their support. We regularly consult with them on advanced strategies.

Not only do they offer valuable insights but they'll often jump in to assist with implementation — they've even built out custom features to better help us achieve our goals.

It's like they are an extension of our internal team!”

— Erica Chenard, Director of Ecommerce @ Fellow

The integration of AudienceTap with Fellow Drops’ backend system was pivotal. It provided a comprehensive solution for sales, order processing, and analytics, removing the need for any makeshift workarounds or time-intensive work. AudienceTap's analytics played a key role in making more informed, data-driven decisions to keep making the program more successful.

Simultaneously, the Drops program worked in harmony with their existing SMS marketing campaigns, enabling Fellow Drops to engage different customer segments cohesively.When AudienceTap came into the picture, it offered more than just a Text-to-Buy platform. It provided a strategic opportunity for Fellow Drops to realign their resources.


The collaboration with AudienceTap led to transformative results for Fellow Drops:

  • Operational Efficiency: The switch to AudienceTap's automated system significantly reduced the time and effort required for order processing and customer communications.
  • Increased Customer LTV: Customers engaged through the Text-to-Buy program were found to spend three times more on Fellow products compared to others.
  • Text-to-Buy vs Subscriptions: The elimination of the ineffective subscription model allowed Fellow Drops to concentrate on the more successful Text-to-Buy program, which showed better customer engagement and ROI.
  • Superior Customer Experience: The seamless integration of Text-to-Buy functionality offered a more direct and enjoyable purchasing experience for customers, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.
“The stickiness of our Fellow Drops program underscores how successful it is. Subscribers aren't just one-and-done. They keep coming back; buying 5, 10, or even 20 drops.

They're purchasing our gear too — more often and in larger amounts than other customers. In fact, their spend is about three times higher than our average customer. ”

— Erica Chenard, Director of Ecommerce @ Fellow

The success with AudienceTap has set a new trajectory for Fellow Drops, highlighting the effectiveness of innovative text marketing strategies and looking forward to driving even more revenue with their Text-to-Buy program as a significant source of growth.


Coffee Brewing Equipment

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Fellow sought a more dependable and less labor-intensive approach for their weekly Drops program. They found their solution in AudienceTap.
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