Pull & Pour Coffee Club

Pull & Pour transitioned from a popular Instagram content page to a profitable ecommerce business using Text-to-Buy campaigns.
Conversion Rate

vs Email: 0.07% (industry avg)
vs Traditional SMS: 1% or less (industry avg)
Return on Investment


Earnings per Message Sent

vs Email: $0.13 (industry avg)
vs Traditional SMS: $0.06-$0.52 (industry avg)


Pull & Pour, spearheaded by coffee enthusiast and creator Andrew Pautler, began as a passion project reviewing and sharing insights about various coffees on Instagram. As its following grew, Andrew faced the challenge of monetizing his audience without losing the personal touch that made Pull & Pour unique. He experimented with different models, including subscriptions, but they lacked the flexibility and personalization his audience craved. The main obstacle was finding a way to convert his social media following into a business with consistent revenue, while managing the operational complexities of a growing ecommerce venture.


AudienceTap entered the scene with a text marketing strategy that resonated with Pull & Pour’s ethos of simplicity and personalization. The platform provided a seamless way to transition from a purely content-focused Instagram page to a monetized, interactive Text-to-Buy service.

Each week, members receive a text showcasing a hand-selected premium coffee. The beauty lies in the simplicity of the ordering process — a quick reply to the text is all it takes to place an order. This ultra-convenient shopping experience not only delights customers but also allows Pull & Pour to sidestep the complexities and overheads associated with maintaining a full-scale ecommerce site. For Andrew, it means focusing more on his passion for coffee and less on technical intricacies, making his venture both enjoyable and sustainable.

With AudienceTap, Andrew could easily manage sales, order processing, and customer interactions, all while maintaining his full-time job. This shift not only allowed for an efficient business model but also preserved the creator-consumer relationship that was central to Pull & Pour’s success. The integration ensured that Pull & Pour could continue its weekly coffee recommendations and direct ordering system without overwhelming operational demands.


The partnership with AudienceTap yielded significant benefits for Pull & Pour:

  • Operational Simplicity: Transitioning to AudienceTap's platform reduced the time commitment to just 3-5 hours per week, making it manageable alongside Andrew’s full-time job.
  • Increased Revenue: Despite being a side project, Pull & Pour saw a substantial increase in profits, adding a significant amount to Andrew's annual income.
  • Customer Engagement: The Text-to-Buy feature maintained the personal touch that Pull & Pour’s audience loved, fostering deeper connections and repeated engagements.
  • Creator Empowerment: AudienceTap’s platform enabled Andrew to focus on what he loved — curating and sharing great coffee — without the stress of technical and operational complexities.
“AudienceTap is the backbone of my monetization strategy. I've been able to transform my passion for coffee into a profitable venture that doesn't eat up my time. My audience enjoys the personalized service, and I can focus on sharing amazing coffees, not on backend logistics.”

— Andrew Pautler, Creator of Pull & Pour

The success of Pull & Pour with AudienceTap is a testament to the power of empowering creators to monetize their audience in a way that still aligns with their content. It highlights how the right technology can turn a passion project into a profitable, operationally efficient business, all while maintaining the essence of personal connection that defines a brand.


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