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Text-to-Buy Campaign Setup Guide

July 3, 2024

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Text-to-Buy Campaign Set Up Guide

1. Log in to Your Account

  • Access the platform and log in with your credentials.

2. Navigate to the Send Section

  • Select "Text-to-Buy".

3. Choose Campaign Type

  • Select either a Manual or Automatic campaign.

4. Create Your Campaign

  • Enter the campaign title.
  • Select the products, set prices, and determine shipping fees.


5. Craft Campaign Messages

  • Create engaging and personalized messages.
    • Include personalized tags and emojis.
    • Review and refine the product descriptions.
  • Simplify the purchase process:
    • Allow customers to purchase by replying with a quantity or a simple "Yes".
    • Ensure purchase options are accurate.

6. Determine other purchase options

  • Set quantity limits, if any, delivery method, and if you'd like to have a confirm order step for your customers to ensure shipping address is correct
  • Craft an order complete message - using tags such as {{Subscriber.address}} and {{subscriber.first_name}}.

7. Manage Out-of-Stock Messages

  • Customize or select an "Out of Stock" message.
  • Optionally, set up a Spill Over Campaign.


8. Post-Purchase Communication

  • Include email receipts and confirmation emails.
  • Set up post-purchase offers where you can send an automated Text-to-Buy campaign later in the day or immediately after initial purchase of similar products your recipients may also liked to purchase.
  • Tag customers to track who purchased the product for future campaigns.

8. Select Recipients and Schedule

  • Choose the recipients:
    • Entire text list or a segment (e.g., Loyal Shoppers, Seasonal Buyers).
  • Decide when to send the campaign:
    • Send immediately or schedule for a later date.
  • A reminder text is recommended for those who have no purchased right away
  • Prevent new orders after a certain time and date by setting a campaign expiration date.

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