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Conversion Rate
Email: 0.07%
Traditional SMS: 1% or less
Earnings per Message Sent
Email: $0.13
Traditional SMS: $0.06–$0.52
Step 1


Whether it’s a new subscriber, a recent purchase, a clicked link, or an action a customer took, triggers are the catalyst that set the wheels of automation in motion.

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Text chain of events
Step 2


It's like a choose-your-own-adventure book, but for your business. Build in filters so actions are only triggered if certain criteria are met.

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Text chain to sale
Step 3


Send a personalized text, email, or even launch a targeted Text-to-Buy or QuickCart campaign based on the logic pathways.

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Text chain signing up for updates
Step 4


Continuously refine your approach by analyzing and tweaking your campaigns. In the world of automation, perfection is a journey, not a destination.

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Campaign options listed on phone
Text chain of events
Text chain to sale
Text chain signing up for updates
Campaign options listed on phone
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Automation made effortless

Data capture

Need to grab more than just a phone number from your audience? Build survey-like text automations to capture custom data. You can even ask multiple-choice questions! Name, birthday, coffee roast preference, biggest business challenge — the possibilities are endless.

Drip campagins

Set it, forget it, and let the magic happen. With drip campaigns, timing is everything – and you have a wizard's wand to control it. Add custom delays to your sequences and create a symphony of timely touchpoints: a text nudge a few days post-keynote to keep the motivation going, or a 10-day text mini-course that delivers daily doses of wisdom.


Intertwine emails with your text message automation for a robust multi-channel experience. Capitalize on QuickCarts and Text-to-Buy features to forge dynamic mobile sales funnels, presenting offers that are as timely as they are tailored. Deliver lead magnets, send product offers, and add tags to subscribers based on their interactions.

Welcome series

Welcome your new subscribers into the fold with a tailored series of texts designed to introduce them to the heart of your brand. Think of it as a friendly tour through your brand’s world, leaving your new friends informed, intrigued, and eager to see what comes next.

Lead nurturing

Subtly steer potential customers down the path to purchase with perfectly timed text messages based on interactions with your brand. Set up as many text automations as you want to keep subscribers engaged and intrigued, freeing you up to focus on only qualified leads.

Post-purchase & order bumps

The customer journey doesn't end at checkout. Post-purchase texts open a new chapter by suggesting complementary products or offering smart order bumps that enhance the original purchase. Automated follow-ups are also a great chance to provide valuable product-related content so they make the most of their new purchase.

It’s never been easier to use text automations

Man with dark har speaking to group of people


Craft personalized follow-ups with triggered automated messages triggered to engage your audience post-event.

Woman smiling and speaking with another individual


Whether it's a reminder for a session or a series of motivational messages, set the triggers and logic that keep your clients engaged and on track.

Woman on the phone looking over a notebook


Send timed releases of content, product announcements, or exclusive deals with a personal touch, directly to your audience's phones.

Man sitting reading a book


Automate reminders, words of encouragement, and service follow-ups to ensure your messages resonate throughout the week.

Man playing guitar while writing in a notebook


Launch automated texts to announce new music and merch, making fans feel like they have a VIP pass to your latest drops.

Woman standing in the doorway of a retail store


Create logic-based triggers after purchases or inactivity to keep your shop top of mind and your customers returning.

Don't just take our word for it

“I'm getting a lot more signups now that I'm using AudienceTap because it's so easy for people to enter into. They immediately get the text, they engage with my services, and I continuously engage with them when I need to.”

“Speaking directly to our consumers has been hugely beneficial. TextRetailer offers a great, frictionless way to engage and sell our coffee using texts.”

“ ”

“The speed at which I am able to get things up and running and create multiple versions of the same offer is incredible.”

“AudienceTap has changed the way I grow my business and I'm so grateful for them.”

“I'm no longer manually entering in the wrong contact information for audience members and it's such a relief.”

“90% of our folks engaged on text messages compared to the single digit results we are seeing with email. So we started focusing more on text message marketing with its high open rates, high engagement, lower friction for transactions.”

“We can automatically collect leads from our speaking engagements. This is a huge game changer for us.”

“I can actually speak to larger audiences because I don't have to worry about manually collecting contact information at the end of the session.”

“Once we tried it we realized just how easy this is. It's easy, it's affordable and we just all around like it.”

“The simplicity of the system is truly amazing.”



Made w/ AudienceTap

Return on Investment

Earnings per text


Orders placed


Conversion rate




Made w/ AudienceTap

Return on Investment

Earnings per text


Orders placed


Conversion rate


Books & Digital Products


Made w/ AudienceTap

Return on Investment

Earnings per text


Orders placed


Conversion Rate


Plug-and-play integrations

Native integrations automatically sync with your ESP or ecommerce platform. You can also connect AudienceTap to thousands of other platforms using our Zapier integration.


Create multi-faceted campaigns and grow your email list by connecting AudienceTap and Mailchimp

Coming soon


Easily grow your ConvertKit email list with our direct integration

Coming soon


Connect your Shopify store to keep track of inventory, order fulfillment, and more.

Coming soon


Utilize thousands of other tools including Airtable, Gmail, and more with our Zapier integration.

Coming soon

More reasons why customers love AudienceTap

Man smiling looking down at phone and walking.
Pen and notepad icon

Lead capture

Whether you’re at an event, at a store, or advertising online, customers can join your text list via texting a 5-digit number, QR code, survey, or web form.

Learn more
two message bubbles icon in white

2-way texting

Chat 1-on-1 with your audience straight from the AudienceTap mobile app — just like texting your friends and family.

Learn more
message with dollar sign icon in white


Tap into the future of shopping and let customers purchase from you by simply replying to a text. Zero clicks, zero forms, zero internet required.

Learn more
cart icon in white


Quickly create a single-page e-commerce store featuring one or more products with an attached checkout.

Learn more

“I’ve been amazed at how many sales AudienceTap has brought into my business! I’m buying more wine each week just to keep up with the demand. Customers who used to come in once every couple of months are now buying each week.”

Man with dark hair and sunglasses


Proprietor, Rain City Wines

Get started with AudienceTap today

You don’t have to be a marketer, designer, or programmer to use AudienceTap. With a user friendly platform (and personal help from our team if you need), you can finally make the most of live events.

14 day free trial

No contract - cancel anytime

500 free text messaging credits


What integrations does AudienceTap have?

We currently have direct integrations with Mailchimp, Shopify, BigCommerce & ShipStation. Integrations with ConvertKit and Zoho are coming soon! You can connect AudienceTap to thousands of other platforms using our Zapier integration.

How do you count messages?

Each message is equal to one message to one phone number. Put another way, if you have 150 subscribers and you send two broadcast campaigns to that list, you've used 300 message credits.

Is there a contract or minimum commitment?

There are no long term commitments or contracts. You can downgrade or cancel your account anytime.

What payment processors does AudienceTap support?

Our preferred payment processor is Stripe. We can also support payments through for organizations that have special processing needs.

Does each message cost one message credit?

Most text messages will only cost a single message credit. Text messages longer than 160 characters will cost at least two credits depending on the length. Image messages (MMS) cost 3 message credits.

Do you help me set up my AudienceTap account?

Yes! Once you create your account, you can schedule a free 1-on-1 consulting session. We'll take the time to learn about your organization and goals. You'll receive personalized recommendations setting up your text program for success.

Which plan should I choose?

The biggest deciding factor is the size of your text list and how frequently you are sending broadcast messages. If you don't have an existing texting list, the Starter Plan is the perfect for growing your initial list. We recommend the Standard Plan if you have 1,000 subscribers or less. The Pro Plan is great for lists up to 5,000 depending on how frequently you send campaigns.

What happens if I run out of messaging credits?

Don't worry! Your account will continue to work like normal even if you run out of message credits. Your balance will be automatically recharged to a level you can customize. You can also purchase additional message credits at any time.

How easy is it to switch from another text marketing platform?

We will help you with every step of your switch. With our free concierge service, we will import your current subscriber list, rebuild your online forms & set up your automations.

Do you offer 10-digit long code (10DLC) numbers to text from?

We do! Toll free numbers are standard, but we can also set up a local 10DLC number for your account. We also support texting with 5-digit short code numbers.

What types of text content can I send with AudienceTap?

You can send emojis 😁, links, images, and GIFs in any text. Stay tuned for the ability to send audio, and videos — coming soon!

Still have questions?

Please email our support team and we'll help you out!

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