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July 3, 2024

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Understanding SMS Marketing & Use Cases

SMS marketing provides a more direct and personal way for brands to engage and communicate with consumers. It allows brands to reach customers in their most personal inbox: their text messages.


Inform your audience about upcoming product drops, live events, and other opportunities they won't want to miss. Boosts conversion rates as customers to be on the lookout for the upcoming drops and events.


Incorporate a Textword in your copywriting to segment your audience accurately. This ensures efficient targeting for future text-to-buy campaigns. TextWords in marketing campaigns can also be used to understand demand levels and helps with inventory management for businesses. This approach helps minimize the risk of overproduction and waste, providing certainty and predictability for roasters.

Ongoing Engagement Programs

Inform your audience about ongoing and upcoming product drops, such as a new espresso line. Gauge their interest and invite them to opt into relevant flows, ensuring they stay informed and engaged.

Educational Content

Educate your customers through your list, helping them understand your products better and fostering long-term loyalty. Marketing campaigns can help with business and brand updates, changes to events or products as well as any other news updates that you feel is important to maintaining strong customer relationships.

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