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Marketing Campaign Setup Guide

July 2, 2024

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Marketing Campaign Setup Guide

Navigate to the Send Section

  • Select "Marketing"

Create a New Marketing Campaign

  • Campaign Title
    • Choose a title for your reference to easily identify the campaign later.
  • Add an Image or Video
    • Optional, but encouraged for better engagement and a more appealing presentation.
  • Add Your Contact Card
    • Maintain brand awareness and ensure recipients know the message is from you.
  • Create Compelling Text
    • Clearly describe your message and objectives.
    • Use merge tags for personalized messaging.
    • Incorporate emojis to enhance appeal.

Select & Schedule Recipients

Choose to send the campaign to your full contact list or a specific subgroup by selecting the option to send the Marketing Campaign to a segment of your subscribers. Set a date and time for campaign launch. If the campaign is scheduled to be sent at a later date, you can return to edit the message before it sends.

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