Community SMS vs AudienceTap

Looking for an Alternative to Community SMS?

Here’s a closer look at AudienceTap vs across features, pricing, and service.

Community logo stylized is overkill for most

At first glance, Community boasts impressive clientele, with big names and celebrities on their roster, reflecting its shift towards serving the top end of the market. In contrast, AudienceTap is dedicated to empowering creators and small businesses, offering an affordable, feature-rich platform that still goes beyond basic text marketing features.

Why choose AudienceTap over Community Text App?

Whether you're a budding musician, a rising creator, or a small business, you're probably looking for a service that not only fits your budget but also helps you connect with and monetize your audience.

Community logo

Community SMS

With plans starting at $199/month plus messaging fees, can quickly become very costly.
Ecommerce Limitations
Missing features like Text-to-Buy and QuickCarts means you're missing out on using cutting edge technology to drive sales directly over text.
List Building Methods
Lacks hosted or embedded forms for easy website integration.
Moving Upmarket
Transitioning towards Fortune 500 companies and celebrities, leaving everyone else behind.


Affordable Starting Price
Start with a more accessible pricing model, including a free trial and no contract obligations.
Ecommerce Over Text
Sell your products and services directly over text with built-in ecommerce functionalities, perfect for creators and businesses with either physical and digital products.
List Building Methods
From QR codes to embedded forms, grow your subscriber list effortlessly.
Rich Features for Everyone
Whether you're marketing at live events or online, AudienceTap is designed with your growth in mind.
Key differences that set us apart

Let's take a look at the distinctions between AudienceTap and



Offers transparent, all-inclusive pricing, ensuring you get the full suite of features without unexpected costs. Perfect for businesses and creators who need to make the most out of every dollar.

Pricing structure is complex, with base rates starting higher as well as additional hidden messaging fees that can cause unexpected costs, especially for high-volume senders.



Integrates ecommerce functionalities like Text-to-Buy and QuickCarts, enabling direct sales through SMS and turning messages into revenue.

Does not offer in-built sales tools, requiring you to link out to external sites to drive sales.

List building


Supports a wide range of signup methods including QR codes, Text-to-Join, and embedded web forms.

Provides QR codes and Text-to-Join, but lacks the option for directly embedding signup forms on your site.

AI assistance


Does not currently offer AI-driven message assistance, focusing instead on direct and personalized engagement tools that rely on manual input and creativity.

Boasts AI features like Response Clustering and an AI Direct Message Generator, allowing you to group similar messages and suggest responses based on conversation threads and tone of voice.

Feature accessibility


Makes all essential features available across all plans, ensuring small businesses and creators have access to powerful tools from the start.

Gates some of its more advanced features behind higher-tier plans.



Offers segmentation through text surveys, allowing you to group your audience based on predefined answers to questions.

Offers segmentation with AI, categorizing subscribers based on plain text responses automatically. This feature might be more sophisticated but could be considered overkill for most brands.

High Throughput Messaging


Primarily employs toll-free & 5-digit shortcode numbers, capable of sending thousands of messages per minute so that even large scale lists receive your messages promptly.

Only utilizes local 10-digit numbers, which significantly restricts messaging capacity to as low as 60 messages per minute. For those with large subscriber lists, this limitation could result in hours-long delays before all recipients receive your message.

How we’re alike

Despite the differences, AudienceTap and Community share foundational functionalities designed to help you use texting to connect and monetize your audience.

Woman smiling holding smart phone
Megaphone broadcast icon in white


Schedule personalized text messages to your audience based on their profile and interactions. Cut through the noise and ensure your message is seen.

Automation icon in white


Send perfectly timed, automated text messages & emails to your audience.

two message bubbles icon in white

2-way texting

Chat 1-on-1 with your audience straight from the AudienceTap mobile app — just like texting your friends and family.

Network connecting icon


AudienceTap emphasizes direct integrations with key platforms and a Zapier integration, while caters to high-end integrations suitable for large enterprises.

Arrow on bar chart going up icon

Analytics & Reporting

Insights into campaign performance and subscriber engagement are available on both platforms.

Layered photo and video icons

Media Support

No need to send your audience to yet another platform to access gated media. It’s one fluid, native experience.


Side by side breakdown

Community logo
Text-to-Buy / Ecommerce Tools
High Throughput Delivery
Starting Price
$19 /mo + messaging
$199 /mo + messaging
Zapier Integration
$399 /mo plan & up
Custom Segment Fields
$999 /mo plan & up


“I'm getting a lot more signups now that I'm using AudienceTap because it's so easy for people to enter into. They immediately get the text, they engage with my services, and I continuously engage with them when I need to.”

Headshot of a woman smiling

Kristen Walker Smith

Owner, Kristen Walker Smith

“Text-to-buy is a game changer for us - its high conversion rates ensure our campaigns are not just effective, but also highly profitable. It simplifies and enhances the ecommerce experience for everyone involved.”

Steve Hall, Co-Founder of Tinker Coffee

Steve Hall

Co-Founder, Tinker Coffee

“The speed at which I am able to get things up and running and create multiple versions of the same offer is incredible.”

Black and white photo of a man smiling

Martijn van Tilborgh

Owner, Four Rivers Media

“We can automatically collect leads from our speaking engagements. This is a huge game changer for us.”

Photo of a man in a grey blazer

Randy Anderson

CSP, E3 Professional Trainers

“AudienceTap has changed the way I grow my business and I'm so grateful for them.”

Photo of a woman smiling wearing a purple blouse

Jill Savage

Owner, Jill Savage

“I'm no longer manually entering in the wrong contact information for audience members and it's such a relief.”

Photo of a smiling man wearing a blazer

Gerry O'Brion

Owner, What Big Brands Know

“90% of our folks engaged on text messages compared to the single digit results we are seeing with email. So we started focusing more on text message marketing with its high open rates, high engagement, lower friction for transactions.”

Man in sunglasses and trucker hat

Chris Campbell

Owner, the Word for You Today


Experience the magic for yourself

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You be the judge

Choosing the right platform is about finding the balance between cost, functionality, and scalability. While Community SMS serves an elite clientele with specific tools for large-scale data collection and AI-assisted messaging, AudienceTap offers a comprehensive, cost-effective platform designed to grow with you.

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