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July 3, 2024

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Advanced Shipping Rules

In the Account Settings > Shipping section you are able to customize where your products can be shipped to.  This will allow you to select only the regions you plan on shipping your products too.


Campaign Shipping Rules

  1. Global or Location-Based Rules:
    • Global Rules: Apply the same shipping cost to all locations.
    • Location-Based Rules: Different shipping costs can be set for different regions, such as the US, Canada, and other international locations.
  2. Flat Fee Structure:
    • Shipping costs are always flat fees, not calculated in real time based on carriers like USPS.
    • Fees can be set per order or per item.
  3. Common Examples:
    • Per Order: A flat fee regardless of the number of items, e.g., $5 per order.
    • Per Item: A fee that multiplies by the number of items, e.g., $3 per item.
    • Combined Fees: Both per order and per item fees can be combined, e.g., $5 per order plus $3 per item.
  4. Free Shipping Rules:
    • Threshold-Based: Free shipping can be offered if a customer buys a certain number of items or spends over a certain amount.
    • Example: Free shipping for orders over $50 or for buying five or more items.
  5. Cascading Rules:
    • Specific rules can be created for different locations.
    • For example:
      • US: Free shipping
      • Canada: $10 per order plus $1 per item
      • International: $15 per order plus $3 per item
    • These rules can further be refined for specific regions within a country if necessary.
  6. Merchant Messaging:
    • Merchants must inform customers about the shipping rules in their messaging.
    • The system does not automatically display these rules based on customer location, so clear communication from the merchant is essential. 

Practical Implementation

Example Setups:

  • If shipping to the US is free, Canada is $10 per order plus $1 per item, and international is $15 per order plus $3 per item, these rules will cascade based on the customer's shipping location.
  • Additional complexity can be added, such as different rules for specific states or provinces if needed.

These detailed shipping settings allow merchants to manage shipping costs effectively and offer flexible options to customers based on their location and order size.

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