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Creating Products in AudienceTap

For merchants without a Shopify account, AudienceTap provides a straightforward way to create and manage products directly within the platform.

  • Creating a New Product:
    • Navigate to Commerce > Products in AudienceTap.
    • Physical or Digital Products allowed
  • Customizing Product Details:
    • Set Custom Prices: Define specific pricing for each product variant if necessary.
    • Manage Inventory: Keep track of stock levels and update inventory as needed.
    • Post-Purchase Actions: Configure actions such as tagging customers or setting up subscription services post-purchase.
  • Shipping and Tax Rules:
    • Apply various shipping rules based on product types and customer locations.
    • Set tax rules to ensure compliance with regional tax regulations.


Quick Carts are a streamlined e-commerce solution designed to directly sell products without needing a full e-commerce site.

How Quick Carts Work

  • Overview: Quick Carts are mini e-commerce stores or shoppable landing pages where only the products added to Quick Carts or text-to-buy campaigns are shoppable.
  • Usage: They serve as a complete product catalog and shopping experience and are useful for manual campaigns, automations, and QR codes at live events.
  • Examples and Customization: Quick Carts can be themed for special occasions (e.g., holidays) and include content blocks (text, images, videos) and product blocks. Products can be digital or physical with various customization options (e.g., pricing, descriptions, inventory levels).

Key Features

  • Dedicated URLs: Useful for email marketing.
  • Streamlined Shopping Experience: All products are available on a single page.
  • Advanced Options: Include pre-access forms for capturing customer information and creating unique magic links for secure, one-time access.
  • Customization: Merchants bring their own content (images, videos) and have flexibility in setting up different shipping rules and expiration dates for offers.


  • Easy Setup and Customization: QuickCarts are simple to set up and tailor to individual needs.
  • Mobile-Friendly Design: Ensures a smooth shopping experience on mobile devices.
  • Product Bundles: Support for selling product bundles or individual items.


QR codes provide a convenient way for users to opt-in to your SMS campaigns. Users can simply open the photo app on their phone and scan the QR code, which automatically launches their messaging app with a pre-filled message that you create. The user just needs to send the text to complete the opt-in process.

Key Features

  • Text Enrollment: Scanning the QR code generates a pre-written text message, making it easy for users to join the brand's list.
  • Direct Links: Each QR code has an associated direct link, ideal for social media use.
  • Customizable Messages: Creators can customize the pre-written messages to include offers or incentives.
  • Multi-location Tracking: Different QR codes can be used for various events allowing precise tracking of customer origin.
  • Welcome Message Flows: Automated welcome messages, contact cards, and additional data capture
  • Automation Flows: Capable of generating a drip sequence to engage with your customers and offer them lead flow magnets. 


  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: QR codes and direct links streamline the process for customers to join lists and engage with the brand.
  • Versatile Use Cases: Effective for live events and social media, offering flexibility in deployment.
  • Improved Onboarding Experience: Automation flows ensure a smooth onboarding process, capturing necessary customer information and delivering value through lead magnets.


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