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Creators Getting Started with AudienceTap

July 2, 2024

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Getting Started with AudienceTap

Use this link to create your account:

You will go through a brief onboarding process that introduces you to two of AudienceTap's growth tools: QR Code and Textword. Testing these features is recommended to understand the customer experience. However, until your number is verified, you won't receive confirmation texts when you send a textword or scan a QR code

Complete Onboarding with Audience Tab

Ensure your account is fully set up and connect your Stripe account to enable payment processing in the Account Settings > Stripe Section.

Set Up Products in Audience Tab

Begin to add your physical and/or digital products and any other related products to the platform in the Commerce > Products Section. Make sure to include the correct product titles, images, descriptions, and pricing information.

Create Quick Carts

Work to set up Quick Carts tailored to different scenarios:

  • For Website Traffic: Include shipping fees, allowing visitors to purchase online.
  • For Live Events: Exclude shipping fees, allowing event attendees to purchase directly.

Generate Lead Magnets & Automations

  • Develop lead magnets (e.g., a free chapter of the book) to attract potential clients.
  • Use QR codes and Textwords to grow your subscriber list at events and across your online presence.
  • Create automation flows (e.g., Welcome Flows) to collect contact subscriber information and send follow-up messages.

Develop a Communication Strategy

Plan a sequence of texts and emails to engage with your audience, including:

  • Welcome messages
  • Delivery of lead magnets
  • Follow-up messages and drip campaigns to maintain engagement
  • Include your quick carts in the email and text marketing messages

Integrate with Existing Tools

Connect Audience Tab with any other platforms you use (e.g., Mailchimp) to streamline communication and data management.

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