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July 8, 2024

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Enabling SMS Opt-In at Checkout

Enable SMS Marketing in Shopify

  • In the Shopify checkout settings, enable the option for customers to receive news and offers via text messages.
  • Customers can opt-in by entering their mobile number during checkout.

Integrate with AudienceTap

Connect in the Account Settings > Shopify Section

  • Navigate to the account settings in AudienceTap.
  • Select the Shopify integration & enter your myshopifydomian to get customized instructions
  • Add customers to Audience Tap when they Opt-In into SMS marketing at the checkout 


Syncing Products for Drops

Utilize Shopify Catalogs

  • Use your existing Shopify catalog as the source of truth for products.
  • When setting up a new product drop in AudienceTap, select the products directly from your Shopify catalog.
  • Orders placed during a drop will sync back to Shopify, allowing for easy fulfillment.

Managing Exclusive Product Drops

Handling High-Value, Low-Inventory Items

  • For exclusive drops, consider hiding the product on your website while keeping it available in your Shopify catalog.
  • The product needs to exist in Shopify but can be in a draft state or hidden from the "online store" channel.

Additional Resources

Shopify Product Availability Guide

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