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July 2, 2024

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Your Guide to the Message Center

The Message Center is designed to help you manage customer communications efficiently. It features two main folders: Chats and All Messages. Here's a clear and straightforward guide to using it.

All Messages Folder

This folder captures all inbound messages from your customers.


  • All Inbound Messages: Every message your customers send.
  • Automated Responses: Messages the system understands and handles automatically, such as order confirmations or common queries.
  • Excludes Outbound Messages: This keeps the folder focused and uncluttered.

Chats Folder

This folder highlights messages that need your attention because the system doesn’t understand them.


  • Unclear Messages: Questions or comments that the system can't process automatically, such as detailed inquiries or ambiguous requests.
  • Non-Text Messages: Emojis, reactions, or any non-standard text inputs.

Notification System

  • Get notified via email when a new message arrives in the Chats folder. The email includes a direct link to the specific message.
  • Receive notifications on the mobile app, enabling you to respond quickly from anywhere.

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