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Manually Adding Products into AudienceTap

July 2, 2024

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Manually adding products in Audience Tap involves several steps and considerations, depending on the type of product being added. 

Product Types

  1. Physical Goods: Items like bags of coffee, books, etc., which require shipping.
  2. Digital Products: Files or collections of files, such as audiobooks, PDFs, or video courses, delivered digitally.
  3. Donations/Tip Jars: Used for non-profits or churches to collect donations without providing a product in return.


Steps to Manually Add Products

  1. Navigate to Products Section:
    • Access the products page within Commerce drop down.
  2. Select Product Type:
    • Choose whether the product is a physical good, digital product, or a donation.
  3. Fill in Product Details:
    • Image: Upload an image of the product.
    • SKU/Reference ID: Optionally, add a SKU or reference ID.
    • Customize or add unit type/product noun
    • Product Description: Add a description for the product (helps in receipts and detailed views).
    • Pricing: Set the price of the product. For digital products, you can allow customers to set their own price within a specified range.
    • Sales Tax: Indicate if sales tax should be applied. The system will calculate sales tax based on predefined rules.
    • Inventory: Specify if inventory levels should be tracked and input the starting quantity.
  4. Shipping Details for Physical Goods:
    • Product Weight: Enter the product weight for shipping calculations.
    • Ship Station Integration: If using Ship Station, this helps in label printing and shipping cost calculations.
  5. Post-Purchase Actions:
    • Tags: Optionally add tags to track customers who purchase the product.
    • Subscriptions: If integrated with Stripe, you can set up subscriptions to automatically enroll customers after purchase.
  6. Variants:
    • If the product has different versions (e.g., sizes, colors), set up variants with specific details like price, SKU, inventory levels, and images.
  7. Save the Product:
    • Ensure all details are correct and save the product.

Additional Notes

  • Quick Carts and Text-to-Buy Campaigns: Products can be added to these for easier purchasing options.
  • Integrations with Shopify and BigCommerce: If using these platforms, products are managed there, and Audience Tap pulls the product catalog and inventory data.
  • Receipts and Order Handling: Shopify and BigCommerce handle receipts and orders, while Audience Tap does so for non-integrated products.

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