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Understanding Welcome Flows

July 2, 2024

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A welcome flow is an automated sequence of messages sent to new subscribers when they join your text list. Welcome flows are triggered when someone scans a QR-Code, fills out an Online Form, or sends your Textword. The initial message typically welcomes the subscriber, outlines what they can expect with the text program, and provides an option to opt out. Additionally, it can include sending a contact card to enhance brand recognition and improve message deliverability.Overall, a welcome flow helps brands engage new subscribers immediately and encourages initial purchases.

Trigger Points

The flow can be triggered by different actions such as filling out a form, texting keywords (e.g., "drops" or "join"), or scanning QR codes. The main trigger is often an embedded signup form on the company’s website.

Welcome Message

The initial message typically includes an introduction to the program, what to expect, and an option to opt-out. Compliance messages are included to meet legal requirements.

Contact Card

Sending a contact card is highly recommended. This allows customers to save the brand’s contact information, enhancing the likelihood that future messages won't be marked as spam and providing a branded experience.

Media Features

For iPhone users, having the brand’s number saved in contacts allows them to view videos or listen to audio directly within text messages, improving engagement.

Special Actions and Trigger Phrases

These can be included to familiarize customers with the program and engage them further.

Credits and Coupons

Brands can offer credits (e.g., $5 off) to new subscribers as an initial incentive

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