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Getting Started with AudienceTap

July 2, 2024

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Creating Your AudienceTap Account

Use this link to create your account: 

You will go through a brief onboarding process that introduces you to two of AudienceTap's growth tools: QR Code and Textword. Testing these features is recommended to understand the customer experience.However, until your number is verified, you won't receive confirmation texts when you send a Textword or scan a QR-Code.

Use this link to schedule a kickoff meeting to discuss initial strategy and get your program off the ground: 


Connect your Shopify Account to AudienceTap in the Account Settings >Shopify or Add your products in the Commerce > Products section.

Enhance your Shopify checkout process by enabling an option for customers to opt-in to receive news and offers via text by entering their mobile number. This feature is compliant with text messaging regulations. Once customers opt-in, their contact information is automatically added to your AudienceTap account.

Connect your Stripe Account as your payment processor to AudienceTap in the Account Settings > Stripe Section


Grow Your Contact List

The first step would be to connect your existing contact list to AudienceTap in the Contacts > My List section.  

Inform your current audience about your new text messaging program through a dedicated marketing email. Highlight the benefits, such as early access to special products or exclusive incentives, encouraging them to join. 

Additionally, place a QR code link on your social media platforms, emphasizing the advantages of the program.


Customize your Account

Create a welcome Flow

Design a welcome flow to send a series of messages to new subscribers.  The first message introduces the program, outlines expectations, and provides an opt-out option.

Encourage subscribers to save your contact card to enhance message visibility and branding. Consider offering a welcome discount or other incentive.

Announce Your First Drop

Prepare your audience for your first campaign.Send an email or SMS marketing campaign to announce the upcoming first drop, giving last-minute customers a chance to opt-in.

Finalize and launch your first Text-to-Buy campaign.

Watch Your Revenue Grow. By integrating these steps, you can effectively grow your subscriber list and boost your sales through targeted text messaging campaigns.

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