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July 2, 2024

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Create a QR Code

QR codes provide a convenient way for users to opt-in to your SMS campaigns. Users can simply open the photo app on their phone and scan the QR code, which automatically launches their messaging app with a pre-filled message that you create. The user just needs to send the text to complete the opt-in process.

Additionally, QR codes are versatile and can be used in both digital and physical formats. You can download the QR code image and print it on to be put on product packaging, flyers, or display it inside your physical locations to enhance your subscriber collection efforts.

Collect Subscribers at Checkout

The checkout process is a prime opportunity to grow your list, as customers are more likely to provide their information when completing their orders.

For Shopify store owners, subscriber collection at checkout is now available. This feature allows you to collect subscriber mobile numbers, by simply checking off a box to include this option and customers are able to clearly see this option during the checkout process, ensuring you capture a significant number of opt-ins when customer engagement is at its peak.

You can enable collecting SMS messages directly in the Shopify checkout by following these instructions.


Text-to-Join using AudienceTap Textwords is an efficient method for growing your SMS campaigns. Customers can simply text a keyword to your number to join your SMS or email list automatically.

A Textword is a word or phrase that customers text to your phone number to sign up for your messages. It should be easy to spell and remember. For example, "join us" becomes "JOINUS". Once customers sign up for your texts, you can start sending your SMS marketing and Text-to-Buy campaigns.

Once they have sent the text to you, they are now enrolled in your subscriber list and you can automatically trigger message flows and campaigns.

Online Forms

Creating online forms, either hosted by AudienceTap or embedded in your website, is a great way to grow your list. Design a branded form with content describing your text-to-buy program, and allow users to input their mobile numbers directly into the form. Once they submit their number, they join your list and can be triggered with automated messaging, such as a welcome flow.


Email Campaigns Promoting Your Text-To-Buy Program

Leverage your existing email marketing lists to promote your new Text-to-Buy program. Send a marketing email campaign that includes direct links to QR codes or online forms for users to opt-in to your program.

In the email body, highlight the benefits of joining your SMS list, such as access to exclusive products, flash sales, and an initial discount on their first purchase through Text-to-Buy. This approach can quickly grow your SMS subscriber list and enhance your marketing efforts.

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