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Understanding QR-Codes

July 2, 2024

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Understanding QR-Codes

Types of QR Codes

Traditional QR Code:

  • Scanning or click on QR Code Link, generates a pre-written message on the user's phone, triggering the customer to send a text to join the list

Direct Links:

  • Each QR code has a direct link associated with it, performing the same actions as scanning the QR code.
  • Direct links are useful for social media posts.

Customization & Promotion

Merchants can customize QR-Codes with specific messages or offers. Staff training is essential for promoting QR codes effectively, emphasizing the benefits of joining the texting program, like the exclusivity of the text program.

Tagging & Tracking

QR codes can be customized for different locations or purposes. Tags can be added to track where individuals came from, allowing for detailed analytics. Launching campaigns in the future you can now segment specific campaigns to be sent to these specific subscribers.


  • QR codes serve as a starting point for more interactive automation, beyond just capturing phone numbers.
  • Automation (Welcome Flows) allows  for deeper engagement and messaging tailored to individual subscribers.
  • Automation is where the true power of different signup methods is realized, providing interactivity and personalized messaging.


QR codes are heavily used at live events by speakers and can also be effective for brick-and-mortar businesses like coffee shops.

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