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QR-Code Setup Guide

July 2, 2024

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QR-Code Setup Guide

1. Navigate to the Grow Tab 

  • Select QR Codes - New QR Code - Title it
  • You have the ability to use the physical QR for new customers to scan or a direct link.  Each action will automatically open the users messages and offer them an action.

2. Decide on QR Code Action

  • When the QR Code is scanned or direct link is clicked. Send a custom prewritten text for the user to text you in order to join your list or redirect them to your website.

3. Add Tags

Create a tag to understand where the user came from to later target them. For example, If someone scans a QR-Code at Location A add a Tag and title it "Location A". Launching campaigns in the future you can create a campaign specifically for someone who scanned Location A QR-Code

4. Fill out the required "Send compliance message"

  • Inform customers about how many times per month or week they will be receiving texts from you.
  • Check off the box to only send message once per subscriber. If the subscriber has already received a compliance message, it will not be sent again when they text this code or scan the QR code.

5. Optional Age Gate Verification Section - useful for alcohol brands

  • Require a minimum age for users to receive your texts. The instructions "Reply with your birthdate in the MM/DD/YYYY format." will be added automatically to the end of your message.


6. Send Auto-Response Text Message when someone scans QR Code

  • Tailor the pre-written message to include incentives and program details.

7. Post Enrollment Actions

  • Enroll the new subscriber in message flows, like a Welcome Flow if you've already created this in the automation - message flows.
  • Send automated text-to-buy campaigns immediately after users join the list.
  • Send an Automated Quick Cart.

8. Post the QR Code Direct Link inside your marketing emails and on your social media accounts to continue to grow your list.

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