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Klaviyo Integration Setup Guide

July 1, 2024

Table of contents


Access Account Settings

  1. Navigate to Account Settings: Go to the account settings where integrations are managed and select Klaviyo

Generate a New Klaviyo API Key

  1. Access Klaviyo: Log into your Klaviyo account.
  2. Go to API Keys Section: Navigate to the section where API keys are managed.
  3. Delete Old Key: If there's an old key that is no longer useful, delete it to clean up.
  4. Create a New Private Key:
    • Click on the Create Private Key button.
    • Name the Key: Give it a descriptive name, such as "AudienceTap".
    • Set Permissions: Select "Full Access" to ensure all necessary data can be accessed.
    • Create Key: Generate the key.

Copy and Store the API Key

  1. Copy the Key: As soon as the key is generated, copy it. Remember, this is the only time you will be able to see the full key.
  2. Download the Key: Optionally, download the key to store it securely for future use.

Enter API Key into AudienceTap

  1. Return to AudienceTap: Go back to your AudienceTap account settings.
  2. Locate the Klaviyo Integration Section: Find where to input the API key.
  3. Paste the API Key: Paste the copied API key into the designated field.
  4. Save the Integration: Save the changes to complete the integration setup.

Integration and Data Sync

  1. Initial Data Sync: Once the integration is set up, AudienceTap will start syncing data with Klaviyo.
    • Historical Data Sync: All historical data from AudienceTap will be matched and synced with Klaviyo profiles.

Real-time Updates: After the initial sync, any new events or profile updates in AudienceTap will automatically sync with Klaviyo.

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