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Klaviyo Integration

July 8, 2024

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Key Features

Data Matching and Profile Updates

  • Data Matching: AudienceTap can match data with existing Klaviyo profiles. For instance, AudienceTap might have a phone number while Klaviyo has an email address. Profiles will only be updated if sufficient data is available to match existing profiles.
  • Profile Updates: New profiles are not created in this version. The integration only updates existing Klaviyo profiles.

Custom Properties

AudienceTap Specific Properties: Custom properties added to Klaviyo profiles include signup source, total order counts, total revenue generated, contact status, and subscription status. These properties are dynamic and update as interactions occur.

  • Signup Source: This remains static after the initial assignment.
  • Order Counts and Revenue: These will update as new orders are made.
  • Subscription Status: Flags if the contact is currently subscribed or unsubscribed.

Event Data

Event Tracking: Various AudienceTap specific events are pushed to Klaviyo. This includes:

  • Short Link Clicks: When a user clicks on a short link controlled by AudienceTap.
  • Order Placement and Product Ordering: Differentiates between order summaries and individual product details.
  • QR Code/Direct Link Interactions: Flags interactions with QR codes or direct links.
  • Text Word Replies: Tracks when a subscriber replies to a text word.
  • Online Forms and Pop-ups: Captures interactions with online forms and pop-ups.
  • Subscription Events: Tracks subscription and unsubscription events.
  • Campaign Events: Records sent campaigns, including campaign details like ID, product name, SKU, price, etc.

Creating Segments

Segment Creation: Merchants can create segments in Klaviyo based on AudienceTap data. This allows targeting specific user groups based on their interactions and profile properties.

  • Example: Creating a segment of users who have ordered a specific product in the last 30 days or those who have scanned a particular QR code.

Targeting Campaigns

  • Custom Properties in Campaigns: Merchants can use the custom properties to target their campaigns more effectively. For example, sending emails to users who have spent over a certain amount or are currently subscribed.
  • Event-Based Targeting: Utilize events such as product orders, QR code interactions, and campaign engagements to refine targeting criteria.
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