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July 3, 2024

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  • How do I import my contact information into Audience Tap?
    • Contacts > My List > Import. Select which data sets you'd like to see imported into AudienceTap.


  • Can we send test texts?
    • Yes!  To do this you can create a new segment in the contacts section and title it "Test Segment" add a condition of Mobile Number and manually enter the numbers you want to send the test text to.  If you are already a contact in AuienceTap you can also add a segment condition based on the users name.  Create a quick test campaign, chose the proper recipient segment and hit send!


  • How do we keep track of people who received our discount ?
    • In the coupons section under Contacts - you can view the subscribers of who has received your Coupon and the number of people who have used it.


  • Do we need to have the product active in our Shopify store?
    • The product needs to exist in Shopify but can be in a draft state or hidden from the "online store" channel. This will hide the product on your website while keeping it available in your Shopify catalog.

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