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Campaign FAQs

Campaign FAQs

July 3, 2024

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AudienceTap Campaign FAQs

  • When I change my price in Shopify it's not reflecting in AudienceTap? 
    • You can update the prices directly in AT and it will be reflected in AT and the new price would show in Shopify.  If you want to permanently change the price in Shopify, you would need to re-upload the products into AudienceTap to see the new reflected price


  • Whats a good list size to start sending Text-to-Buy Campaigns?
    • We typically recommend a few hundred people in your list before sending out your first T2B campaign


  • What is the difference between and Manual and Automated Text-to-Buy Campaign?
    • Manual Campaigns are your go to product drop, flash sale on products, and mainly used campaigns 
    • Automatic Campaigns can be tied into message flows and other post purchase and post enrollment actions. (ie: Spill Over Campaigns, Order Bump Campaigns)


  • How Can I turn off a campaign if I didn't set an expiration date?
    • In the report page of the text to buy campaign you can set the expiration date/time to the desired day, time you'd like the campaign to end.


  • Can I delete tags / segments / quick carts after creating them inside AudienceTap?
    • Currently their is no option to delete this after they've been created in the platform, this is a feature that will be coming soon.  In the meantime please email use with your requests of what you'd like to have deleted and we can complete this on the back end for you.

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