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Coupon & Credit Setup Guide

July 2, 2024

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Setting Up Coupons

  1. Create Coupon:
    • Go to the contacts section and select coupons.
    • Create a new coupon.
    • Name the coupon (e.g., "10% off Welcome Offer").
    • Assign a tracking code (e.g., "WELCOME10") for backend tracking.
  2. Set Discount Type and Duration:
    • Choose the discount type (fixed amount or percentage).
    • For a percentage discount, input the percentage (e.g., 10%).
    • Set the duration (single-use or forever).

    3. Update Automation:

  • Go to the message flows in automation.
  • Add the newly created coupon to the flow.
  • Ensure it applies automatically to the first or next purchase.


Things to consider

  • Both credits and coupons are automatically applied to the subscriber's account.
  • Customers do not need to input any code as it is managed on the backend.
  • Decide between offering a flat dollar discount (use credits) or a percentage discount (use coupons) based on preference.
  • Issued as a flat dollar amount (e.g., $5 or $10) or percentage off
  • Acts like a gift card and applies to the order total after tax and shipping.
  • If the credit balance is greater than the order total, the remaining balance carries over to the next purchase.
  • Applied to the order subtotal before tax.
  • Single-use or multiple-use options available

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