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Message Flow Setup Guide

July 2, 2024

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What are Message Flows?

A series of messages or actions tied together into a flow which allows merchants or creators to create automated experiences triggered by QR-Codes, Textwords, Online Forms, Purchases or response to campaigns.

Message Flow Setup Guide

  1. Navigate to Automations
    •  Message Flows
  2. Create a new Message Flow:
    • Name the automation flow.
  3. Add Actions.
  4. Click "Add an Action" to see available action

Overview of Actions

  • Send a Text Message: Sends a simple text message.
  • Send a Contact Card: Adds a contact card to a text message.
  • Data Capture by Text: Captures information like name, email, or custom fields via text.
  • Send an Email: Sends a lightweight email with plain text or simple formatting.
  • Send a Notification Email: Notifies the merchant when a certain point in the automation is reached.
  • Delays: Adds delays between steps to create drip sequences.
  • Add/Remove Tags: Tags contacts based on their interactions.
  • Add Coupons/Credits: Issues coupons or adds credits to customer profiles.


Define conditions for actions to fire (e.g., send a coupon only if the user came from a specific source or is not a customer)

  • Interactive Surveys: Use Custom Field Surveys to capture user responses and data.
  • Sync with MailChimp: Sync captured emails with MailChimp lists for more robust email campaigns.

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