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Understanding Message Flows

July 1, 2024

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Understanding Trigger Points

  • User join a list by scanning QR codes to trigger flow.
  • Trigger message flows when users respond with specific Textwords.
  • Capture user details through online forms to start message flows.
  • Initiate flows based on specific actions like purchases or campaign responses.

Designing Drip Flows

  • Guide users through a series of steps for a structured automated experience.
  • Use custom fields and tailored messages to personalize user interactions.
  • Engage users with timed sequences of messages to maintain interest.
  • Enhance messages with images, contact cards, and upcoming video/audio messages.
  • Incorporate incentives like coupons or credits to encourage engagement.
  • Integrate with platforms like MailChimp or Zapier to sync data and contacts seamlessly.
  • Set reminders and actions for non-responsive users to optimize follow-ups.

Implementing Filtering

  • Ensure specific actions or messages are triggered based on criteria or subscriber profiles/actions


Use Cases

  • Welcome Flows: Engage new subscribers with welcome messages, offers, and data capture opportunities.
  • Lead Magnet Flows: Provide valuable content such as guides or resources via automated emails.
  • Post-Purchase Flows: Offer incentives, gather feedback, and provide product recommendations after a purchase.

Things to Watch Out For

  • Plan and test complex filtering setups to ensure proper execution.
  • Avoid devaluing offers by overusing incentives like coupons or credits.
  • Monitor and manage responses to prevent overwhelming users and ensure important interactions are followed up.

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