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AudienceTap Tag Checklist

July 2, 2024

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AudienceTap Tag Checklist

Purposeful Tagging

Tags should serve a clear purpose in segmentation. Avoid adding tags just for the sake of it. Tags should be added if they will be used for segmentation purposes, such as targeting specific groups for campaigns.


Tags can be used to segment customers based on various criteria, such as purchase behavior, geographic location, or interests. Think about the segmentation criteria that are relevant to your business goals.


Tags can provide context about how customers joined your list, such as through QR codes at different physical locations, events, or conferences. This allows for more targeted messaging and understanding of customer behavior.

Avoid Tag Overload

Be cautious of adding too many tags, as this can quickly become overwhelming and make it difficult to manage segmentation effectively. Have a strategy and organization system in place for tagging.

Custom Data & Actions

Tags allow for the addition of custom data and identifiers on customer profiles, enabling personalized campaigns and communication. (e.g,. opting out of a new flavor or type of roast you began to market)

Multi-faceted Tagging

Multiple tags can be applied based on various characteristics of a single action. (e.g,.Tagging a customer with the country of origin, flavor profile, and roast level of a purchased coffee)

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