Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

February 16, 2024
February 22, 2024

We're Changing from TextRetailer to AudienceTap

TextRetailer is changing its name to AudienceTap. Same company, same team, same product — new name!
October 24, 2023
March 13, 2024

The Challenge of Inventory Management for Coffee Roasters

Coffee roasters are ditching the old "roast and hope" method for the smarter strategy of using text messages to sell coffees.
July 27, 2023
February 22, 2024

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee: The Text-to-Buy Revolution

Text-to-Buy is changing the coffee game for both roasters and coffee lovers, making it super easy and fun to get your coffee fix with just a quick text.
April 12, 2023
February 22, 2024

Tap, Text, Transaction: The Products Thriving with Text-to-Buy Programs

Lean the characteristics of products that over perform using game-changing technology of Text-to-Buy campaigns.
September 5, 2022
February 22, 2024

How to Set Up SMS Marketing for BigCommerce

Boost your BigCommerce store with SMS marketing! Learn the essentials of choosing the right provider, creating a compliant text list, and best practices for effective customer engagement.
August 8, 2022
February 22, 2024

Growing Your Text List From Your Email Subscriber List

Boosting your SMS marketing is easier than you think - just convert your email subscribers into text message contacts with some smart strategies!

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