WineText for Coffee: Fellow Launches Text-to-Buy Program

Sam Schrup
August 3, 2021
January 11, 2024
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The uber-popular coffee equipment brand Fellow has launched a text-to-buy coffee service called Fellow Drops. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the service.

How does Fellow Drops work?

Every Tuesday, Fellow Drops sends a text message with an offer from a featured whole-bean coffee roaster. Customers can reply to the text message offer with the number of bags of coffee they would like to purchase.

Since the customer’s shipping & credit card information is collected at signup, the order is automatically placed and the transaction is complete. A few days later the coffee is delivered through the mail.

What kind of coffee deals does Fellow Drops send?

Fellow Drops offers exclusive and limited whole-bean coffees that are curated by a panel of Fellow employees. They typically offer single origin coffees with lighter to medium roast profiles. Past featured roasters include Mother Tongue, Linea Caffe, Elixr, Little Buffalo, Revel and Verve.

Who is on the Fellow Drops tasting panel?

The Fellow Drops Tasting Panel includes Fellow San Francisco store and showroom lead Hailie Stevens, whose background prior to Fellow includes years working at Blue Bottle Coffee and Wrecking Ball Coffee; Yudi G is a certified Q Arabica Grader and Associate at the Fellow Store in Los Angeles; and Fellow Director of Mechanical Engineering and Head of R&D Nick Terzulli, who has also been a professional barista, roaster, and espresso machine repair technician.

How much does Fellow Drops cost?

The program is 100% free to join and there is no monthly subscription cost. Customers only pay for the coffee that they buy through text message. The coffee typically ranges between $20-25 which includes the shipping. If they don’t like the current week’s offer, they simply don’t reply.

How do you join the Fellow Drops program?

You can join the Fellow Drops text-to-buy program on their website:

What software does Fellow Drops use for their SMS campaigns?

Fellow originally developed their own in-house text-to-order software for the Fellow Drops program. In 2023, they switched to AudienceTap to power their Text-to-Buy program.

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